Synergy Growth

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." 

Margaret Shepard


Today 15% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to the transport sector  and the challenge of preserving clean air in our cities has become ever more pressing. Synergy Growth has invested in innovative and cutting-edge engineering technologies, aiming to tackle pollution generated by motors and lead the way in the transport revolution with efficient and commercially viable solutions. 



Libertine is developing novel linear generator and free piston power systems that use proven technologies and low cost manufacturing methods to deliver unrivalled efficiency, cost savings and reliability. 

Latest news: Libertine secures funding from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund.



Vantage Power

Vantage Power designs and manufactures retrofit hybrid power trains for buses, enabling operators to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hybrid buses. By designing the whole hybrid system - everything between the fuel tank and the wheels - optimal performance of every component is ensured, resulting in higher fuel economy, lower emissions, fuel and greater reliability, compared to other systems on the market. 

Latest news: Bold developments by Vantage Power – Manufacturing Today Europe Magazine




Controlled Power Technologies

Controlled Power Technologies offers a port-folio of low carbon powertrain electrification related products at an advanced stage of development. 

These include Cobra an electronically- controlled supercharger,CPT SpeedStart® a stop-start system, 


and Tigers® an exhaust energy recovery system.  

All products utilise switched reluctance electric motor technology delivering 'micro-hybrid' or 'mild-hybrid' vehicle functionality.




Faxi is leading the carpooling revolution for employees across the UK. The company provides a unique smartphone application and technology platform that allows commuters to travel together to work.  

Faxi helps companies minimise single occupancy vehicles to site by encouraging employees to journey share, thereby reducing expensive car parking infrastructure, supporting CSR goals and positively affecting the environment.