Synergy Growth

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy, what a source of power. I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that."

Thomas Edison, 1931

Synergy Growth's initial focus was to invest in the research, development and commercialisation of clean technology. We pride ourselves in being part of the energy revolution, and our aim is to facilitate advances in technology which address waste and environmental damage. Our Energy portfolio is focused on businesses that produce energy directly from sustainable means or teams developing technology  and processes that offer radically improved ways to generate or store power sustainably and efficiently, in an economically viable way.




Quarry Battery Company

As Britain continues to cut its carbon emissions, there is a growing need for new grid-scale electricity storage. Quarry Battery Company's (QBC) vision is to bring pumped storage back to life by using abandoned quarries all over the country as ready-made reservoirs of energy.  This requires two quarries, one located at a higher altitude than the other.The battery charges by pumping


water to the upper quarry when the grid has spare electricity. It releases it at peak times. QBC is now developing a 50MW energy storage facility at Glyn Rhonwy, Llamberis in North Wales, based on this pumped storage battery concept. Glyn Rhonwy is a blueprint for a new generation of storage schemes, using simple and known technologies in innovative ways and in unconventional locations. 

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Carbon Engineering Inc

Carbon Engineering (CE) aims to commercialise technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, which will be used to enable production of ultra-low carbon fuels. Air capture of CO2 enables large facilities to manage emissions from any source or location so that industrial economies of scale can be applied to the large fraction of emissions that come from distributed and mobile sources such as vehicles, airplanes, and buildings. Air


capture can provide pure CO2 at point of demand for industrial use,  and atmospheric CO2 can be used via multiple production pathways to manufacture ultra-low emissions fuels.CE’s technology strategy is to develop a low-risk, chemical-based CO2 air capture system that can be brought to market in the near-term with competitive economics.  Their air capture system combines proven, scalable industrial technologies with CE’s proprietary designs and innovations.

Latest news: Carbon Engineering is building an industrial plant in Squamish, British Columbia, that it says will capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere.



BBOXX are a multi-award winning business helping to solve one of the world's greatest challenges: electrifying the 1.6 billion people on this planet who don't have access to electricity. They design, manufacture, distribute and sell a range of solar kits in Africa, Asia and Latin America. BBOXX are pioneers of the smart solar revolution: they remove the barrier of the up front cost of solar power by providing innovative finance plans to their customers,


en par with their existing spending on dirty sources of energy, such as kerosene and candles. Their aim is to create the largest virtual solar grid in Africa, followed by the rest of the world. We are very proud to be a part of their journey and strongly believe they have the potential to grow exponentially and affect the lives of millions of people.

Latest news: BBOXX Builds Affordable Solar Energy Tech for Developing Countries.

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