Synergy Growth

Progress made in understanding the building blocks of the human body has the potential to transform healthcare

Using whole genome sequence analysis, micro biome mapping, advanced clinical imaging and innovative machine learning, we can for the first time have a complete picture of individual health.



Human Longevity Inc

HLI's goal is to extend and enhance the healthy, high-performance lifespan and change the face of ageing. For the first time, the power of human genomics, informatics, next generation DNA sequencing technologies, and stem cell advances are being harnessed in one company.


This will enable us to turn the lights on for medical professionals so they can truly tailer treatment to the individual.We are investing in businesses that have the power to transform our current understanding and change treatments and outcomes to enable people to enjoy longer healthier lives. 




OxStem is positioned to transform the field of medical therapeutics for what are typically (but certainly not exclusively) age-related conditions, such as Dementia, Heart Failure, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes and Oncology. The idea is straightforward: to use the Stem Cell and Medicinal Chemistry expertise at Oxford University to identify new classes of drugs that can re-program or stimulate existing endogenous cells, awakening previously defunct or dormant cellular processes.


Latest news: Human Longevity researchers set out to see what traits could be predicted and thus used to identify individuals applying machine learning algorithms to whole genome data, without assuming any additional information such as age, sex, and ethnic being shared alongside the genome.