Synergy Growth


Gravity 42 is a research & development company designing and bringing to market the next generation of Clean Energy Technologies.

Activities include:

- Researching the latest developments in science, for example energy generation, graphene super-capacitor materials, and battery storage;

- Building, assessing and reporting on the latest in Clean Energy Technology concepts that could have a disruptive impact on the world stage;

- Linking inventors and scientists to investors and academia to nurture and develop "seed" ideas that have the potential to radically transform the way we create power.

Gravity 42 projects are led by Steve Brooks and John Cliss. 

John qualified from the University of Cardiff, UK, with a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2001. John then joined the British Aerospace company, BAE Systems, and became specialised in Electromagnetic Modelling and Simulation. This involved designing and predicting the performance of installed communications technologies (antennas, radar etc) on a range of military platforms, including the latest Royal Navy ships. This role also included assessing EMI (electromagnetic interference), EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and RADHAZ (radiation hazards) conditions. In 2006 John moved to the British Aerospace Company, MBDA Systems,within the ‘Spark Works’ division, a (R&D) group developing “blue sky” future technologies for the Ministry of Defence. John’s main interest whilst at MBDA was to research the area of Clean Energy Technologies, which utilises New Physics emerging from fields such as Quantum Mechanics and various Unified Field Theories (UFT).

 In 2014 John left MBDA and founded the R&D company Vortex Technologies. Vortex Technologies is working in partnership with Gravity 42 with the aim to research, build, test and develop new technologies that are able to generate Clean Energy for use in the home and in industry.






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