Synergy Growth

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It let's people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense, it is all about potential."

Steve Ballmer


Technology holds immense potential to positively transform our lives on this planet as well as having the power to improve the way we do things - big and small. Synergy Growth invests in businesses that leverage disruptive technology to innovate, rethink and improve the way things are done - making processes more efficient and life that little bit easier. 



BRCK is based in East Africa, and has designed and engineered a rugged, self-powered, mobile WIFI device which connects people and things to the internet in areas of the world with poor conectivity infrastructure.  

More recently BRCK also launched BRCK Education, which provides a holistic education technology solution that turns every class room into a digital classroom. Their vision is to enable millions of children in schools across emerging markets to access digital educational tools for better learning.

Latest news: Mark Zuckerberg visits BRCK and the iHub in Nairobi on his Africa tour.


Prodea Systems

The team at Prodea Systems believe that it's time for the world of technology to work together. Today's digital lifestyles are demanding increasing amounts of time to manage, and people generally have to use different systems and interfaces to manage each element.

Prodea saw a simpler way and created the


Residential Operating System to connect people, data and devices in one clean, easy to use interface. This new, seamless interface allows all of the most commonly used devices to work together and speak the same digital language.

Latest news: Anousheh Ansari CEO of Prodea and founder of the Ansari XPRIZE was featured in the Washington Post The Inside Story of How Billionaires Are Racing to Take You to Outer Space.



Technology Will Save US 

Technology Will Save Us (TWSU) design and sell make-it-yourself kits that inspire learning through making, playing, coding and inventing with technology.The TWSU team is on a mission to teach people to be creative with software and re-engage with products. Their DIY kits and online resources are the best way to learn new skills, make cool things and begin your own journey as a tech -maker.

Latest News: TWSU just launched their new product, the Mover Kit, which raised almost £100,000 from a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. Mover Kit is a wearable device that comes with all the components needed for assembly, including the brightly coloured LEDs, printed circuit board and rechargeable battery. Read more here




Personal is an online platform that allows individuals and teams to own, share, control access to and benefit from confidential information. Ditch the spreadsheets, emails and sticky notes. 

Personal makes it easy for you and your team


to achieve zen-like organisation for the information you always need, when and where you need it, and in a secure way, with total encryption of your data. 

Latest news: Becomes TeamData and launches new suite of products to solve how companies and employees organise, share and protect information they constantly need. Read the full press release here .


Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic has developed embeddable Software Sensors for the Smart Home that react for example to a smoke alarm, a window breaking, a baby crying and also custom sounds. 

From home safety and security to child care, 


their innovative products can inform, alert and track a wide range of sounds in a real life setting, and is compatible with many architectures. 

Latest news: Audio Analytic partners with Angee to bring Artificial Audio Intelligence to the world’s first autonomous Home Security system.


Smoke alarms.png


Bibliotech is the Spotify for Textbooks - a webapp providing students all the books they need, at any time, on any device for a small monthly fee. Undergraduates find textbooks and etextbooks overly expensive, awkward and time consuming to use. Bibliotech provides an advanced search engine they have developed which navigates for the student: it extracts the most relevant definitions, diagrams and


examples in an instant, saving valuable time. The team have used disruptive technology fundamentally to redesign the layout of textbooks from the perspective of the user rather than for the convenience of the printer. They are revolutionising the way students absorb information, because learning should be easy.